AI & Media
13:30-17:00 January 28

½ day

@ 3A


Machine learning for better conversations at scale

13:30-14:10 January 28 · with Lucas Dixon


14:10-14:15 January 28

Bias in Algorithms - a case study for comment classifications

14:15-14:30 January 28 · with Marcel Blattner

Pay Attention to Virality - understanding popularity of social media videos

14:30-14:45 January 28 · with Tomasz Trzciński

Dynamic Paywall for Readers Conversion

14:45-15:00 January 28 · with Christian Ammendola

Coffee Break

15:00-15:30 January 28

The sleeping giants: AI and TV operators

15:30-15:45 January 28 · with Pietro Berkes

How to make the best of an image repository to illustrate editorial stories - Text-Image Retrieval and Face Recognition

15:45-16:00 January 28 · with Rémi Lebret, Didier Orel

Applied Media Learning. The Mermaid Approach to Capturing Audience Attention

16:00-16:15 January 28 · with Janine Lee


16:15-16:30 January 28

What Do You Think? - Language Models for Snippet Extraction from News Article Comments

16:30-16:45 January 28 · with Tim Nonner

Handling High Cardinality Categoricals via Target Encodings

16:45-17:00 January 28 · with Anastasios Zouzias


Anastasios Zouzias

Senior Data Scientist, Sqooba

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Christian Ammendola

Data Scientist, Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG

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Didier Orel

Digital Innovation Project Manager, Tamedia

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Janine Lee

Head Of Business Intelligence, Ringier Axel Springer

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Lucas Dixon

Chief Scientist, Jigsaw

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Marcel Blattner

Chief Data Scientist, Tamedia

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Pietro Berkes

Principal Data Scientist, Nagra

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Rémi Lebret

Postdoc, EPFL

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Tim Nonner

Data Scientist, Tamedia

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Tomasz Trzciński

Chief Scientist, Tooploox / Warsaw University of Technology

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Machine Learning is transforming the media landscape. This applies to the creation of content as well as the analysis of its consumption. Additionally, recent advances in the treatment of text and pictures allow the extension to fields which are fundamental to the media domain but have been difficult to investigate so far. In this session, we want to explore new possibilities and challenges of the "fourth power".


Tim Nonner

Data Scientist, Tamedia