AI & Transport
09:00-12:30 January 29

½ day

@ 3A


Predicting for the Adaptive Transport system

09:00-09:30 January 29 · with Francisco Pereira

Cross-domain street scene semantic segmentation

09:30-10:00 January 29 · with Matthieu Cord

The challenge of Cooperative Autonomous Driving

10:00-10:30 January 29 · with Arnaud de La Fortelle

Coffe Break

10:30-11:00 January 29

Bayesian inference to learn and predict road user behaviours

11:00-11:30 January 29 · with Julian Kooij

Beyond Supervised Driving

11:30-12:00 January 29 · with Adrien Gaidon

Racing with Deep Reinforcement Learning

12:00-12:05 January 29 · with Sunil Mallya Slides

Pratical Project: Integrating Vehicle Routing and Resource Allocation in a Pharmaceutical Network

12:05-12:10 January 29 · with Roxanne Tison

Online recognition of elevator-specific user activity context using mobile phone sensor data

12:10-12:15 January 29 · with Alberto Chiappa

Walking in a world with self-driving cars?

12:15-12:20 January 29 · with Mark Meeder

Multi Agent reinforcement learning for train dispatching

12:20-12:30 January 29 · with Erik Nygren, Adrian Egli


Adrian Egli

High Performance Computing and Machine Intelligence Research, SBB CFF FFS

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Adrien Gaidon

Machine Learning Lead, Toyota Research Institute

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Alberto Chiappa

Engineer, Schindler

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Arnaud de La Fortelle

Professor, Mines ParisTech

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Erik Nygren

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Research, SBB CFF FFS

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Francisco Pereira

Professor, DTU

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Julian Kooij

Professor, TU Delft

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Mark Meeder

Lecturer, ETH Zürich

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Matthieu Cord

Professor, Sorbonne University

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Roxanne Tison

Project Engineer, ProcSim

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Sunil Mallya

Deep learning, Amazon Web Services

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Alexandre Alahi

Professor, EPFL

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Michel Bierlaire

Professor, EPFL

Twitter  ·  Website

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