Keynote session #1
09:00-12:30 January 28

½ day

@ Auditorium A



09:00-09:10 January 28

Deep Learning to Solve Challenging Problems

09:10-09:40 January 28 · with Jeff Dean Slides Video

Redesigning Companies for AI

09:40-09:55 January 28 · with Michael Baeriswyl Slides Video

Panel: AI for global good

09:55-10:25 January 28 · with Charlotte Lindsey Curtet, Ramesh Krishnamurthy Video

Piano Interlude

10:25-10:30 January 28 · with Yulia Miloslavskaya

Coffee Break

10:30-11:00 January 28

Pushing the Frontiers of AI Impact in Industries

11:00-11:05 January 28 · with Costas Bekas

Startups Spotlight

11:05-11:20 January 28 · with Patrick Barbey Slides Video

Machine intelligence's influence on risk measurement, monitoring, and markets

11:20-11:35 January 28 · with Jeffrey Bohn Slides Video

AI & China Panel

11:35-12:25 January 28 · with Yuanchun Shi, Li Pu, Adam Knight Video

Piano Interlude

12:25-12:30 January 28 · with Yulia Miloslavskaya


Adam Knight

Researcher, University of Oxford

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Charlotte Lindsey Curtet

Director of Digital Transformation and Data, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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Costas Bekas

Distinguished Research Staff Member, IBM Research

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Jeff Dean

Senior Vice President, Google AI & Health

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Jeffrey Bohn

Head of Swiss Re Institute

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Li Pu

President, Segway Robotics

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Michael Baeriswyl

Executive Vice President of Data, Analytics & AI, Swisscom

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Patrick Barbey

Managing Director, Innovaud

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Ramesh Krishnamurthy

Senior Advisor, Health Metrics and Measurement Cluster, World Health Organization (WHO)

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Yuanchun Shi

Professor, Tsinghua University

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Yulia Miloslavskaya


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Marcel Salathé

Professor, EPFL

Twitter  ·  Website

Martin Jaggi

Professor, EPFL


Bob West

Professor, EPFL

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