AI & Finance
09:00-12:30 January 29

½ day

@ 1BC


Welcome and Introduction

09:00-09:15 January 29 · with Miquel Noguer Alonso

No AI without Big Data

09:15-10:00 January 29 · with Armando Gonzalez Slides

ML for trading: from automated decisions to decision support

10:00-10:45 January 29 · with Charles-Albert Lehalle Slides

Coffee Break

10:45-11:15 January 29

Dynamic Replication and Hedging: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

11:15-11:45 January 29 · with Petter Kolm Slides

Panel: Artificial Intelligence in Finance

11:45-12:15 January 29 · with Armando Gonzalez, Petter Kolm, Charles-Albert Lehalle

Handling High Cardinality Categoricals via Target Encodings

12:15-12:23 January 29 · with Anastasios Zouzias Slides

Deep optimal stopping

12:24-12:31 January 29 · with Sebastian Becker Slides

Profit maximizing machine learning

12:32-12:39 January 29 · with Arnout Devos Slides

Closing Remarks

12:40-12:45 January 29


Anastasios Zouzias

Senior Data Scientist, Sqooba

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Armando Gonzalez

CEO, Ravenpack

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Arnout Devos

PhD Student, EPFL

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Charles-Albert Lehalle

Senior Research Advisor, Capital Fund Management

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Miquel Noguer Alonso

Professor, Columbia University

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Petter Kolm

Director of Mathematics in Finance Masters Program, Courant Institute, New York University

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Sebastian Becker

Head ML Research, ZENAI

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Artificial Intelligence is transforming Finance.


AI is changing the way we invest, the manufacturing, delivery and marketing of financial services.

We will explore with some of the world leaders on AI in Finance the latest advancements on AI investing , AI risk management and pricing. 

We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of AI in Finance. 

We are heading for an AGE OF ARTIFICIAL FINANCE


Miquel Noguer Alonso

Professor, Columbia University

Twitter  ·  Website