Artificial Curiosity: Intrinsic Motivation in Machines too!
13:30-16:30 January 27

½ day
Intermediate level

@ Foyer Garden 2


Humans have been able to achieve incredible feats, such as landing on the moon, exploring the depth of the seas, more than double their life expectancy, harness the power of wind, etc... The main drivers of such advances have usually been the questions "Why?" and "What if?". Curiosity has allowed humans to learn more about their surroundings, sometimes doing things that are counter productive on the short run or for the individual but greatly beneficial on the long run.

The field of Reinforcement Learning explores how a reward can teach an artificial agent to behave a certain way. During this workshop we are going to build our own agent that will be able to learn to play different games, but with a twist: we are going to make it curious! Our agent will not only try to find the short term benefits but will learn new strategies that can give bigger delayed rewards.


  • Build a AI agent able to play various games such as Super Mario
  • Learn about Reinforcement Learning
  • Learn about Curiosity and Intrinsic Motivation



Axel Uran

Solution Architect, Visium Technologies


Thibault Calvayrac

Machine Learning Engineer, Visium Technologies

Gaétan Ramet

Machine Learning Engineer, Visium Technologies