Explainable AI: How to demystify machine learning models
09:00-12:00 January 27

½ day
Beginner level

@ 2A


We introduce methodologies for explaining predictions of machine learning/ deep learning models using sensitivity analysis and mathematical algorithms. By exploring and testing some approaches together, our aim will be to demonstrate how you can leverage these algorithms in explaining the machine learning models.


Participants will be familiar with how to apply clarification algorithm and approaches to interpret machine learning models based on hands-on experience.


  • Basic knowledge of machine learning
  • Basic knowledge of image processing and natural language processing
  • Should know Python at intermediate level
  • Should know how to work with Jupyter notebook


Tiba Razmi

Explainable AI expert, Assistant Manager Data & Analytics, PwC Digital Services


Christian Blakely

Senior Manager Data & Analytics, PwC Digital Services