Hands-on PyTorch tutorial
09:00-12:00 January 27

½ day
Beginner level

@ 1BC


This half-day workshop is designed for PyTorch beginners and will walk you through the basics of the PyTorch library. We start by introducing the basic building blocks (Tensors, Autograd) and also cover how to build more advanced models like CNNs or LSTMs in the second part.

During the workshop, we will go through a series of Jupyter notebooks which also allow participants to directly experiment with the code.

Machine Learning knowledge is not strictly necessary but we won't have time to explain all the machine learning details.


Acquire a solid understanding of the basics of PyTorch and get an overview of its powerful functionalities for deep learning applications.


  • Python programming
  • Machine Learning Basics
  • Own Laptop with a modern browser


Andreas Hug

PhD Student, EPFL

Evann Courdier

PhD Student, EPFL