ML in your organization: a practical toolbox to identify and seize highest value opportunities in Machine Learning
09:00-12:00 January 26

½ day
Beginner level

@ 1A


Being constantly exposed to the latest developments in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence reminds companies of the importance of investing in these technologies, however, most of the articles found online are not helping executives know where to start from. The goal of this workshop is to share a solid framework on how to envision ML applications in practice: we will share techniques on how to ideate, prioritize and develop proof of concept models and try them in practice during group exercises.


Participants will get the toolbox to think about how to apply ML to their organizations. Depending on the data they have or on the critical tasks their processes rely on, they will be able to identify and prioritize potential ML applications in their companies.

The practical exercises in the workshop will help participants envision ML tools in predictive analytics, computer vision and natural language processing.


Matteo Togninalli

COO, Visium Technologies

Timon Zimmermann

CTO, Visium Technologies


Hakim Invernizzi

Machine Learning Intern, Visium Technologies