Tutorial: Build your first predictive model to forecast and detect anomalies
09:00-12:00 January 26

½ day
Beginner level

@ 5A


In this workshop, we will learn how to train a model with time series data, forecast future time series, and run live anomaly detection with streaming data. We will use the TICK-L (tickle) stack — the open-source TICK stack from InfluxData with integrated machine learning from the Loud ML predictive add-on. Loud ML is a scalable deep learning framework to train deep neural networks, and remove all the complexity involved with Tensorflow. Once trained we will explore various case-studies with production data-sets.


  • Learn to deploy a predictive model using OSS technology such as InfluxData TICK stack, and its predictive add-on Loud ML - loudml.io
  • Learn the difference between supervised, and unsupervised models
  • Learn Docker basics, how to run and configure containers


Sébastien Léger

Founder & CEO, Element 13