Call for Locations
Anytime, anywhere

Want to bring the Applied Machine Learning Days to your University or Institution? Talk to us!

AMLD is one of the largest machine learning & AI events in Europe, focused specifically on the applications of machine learning and AI, making it particularly interesting to industry, academia and public goods organizations.

After the very successful third edition of the Applied Machine Learning Days, we’re now looking to expand the conference reach and grow globally. This call is open to find partnering academic institutions who would like to host and run an AMLD in their city. This is a great opportunity to bring one of the most exciting ML events to your location! This could be anywhere, anytime: we're open to any proposition.

We're expecting the partnering academic institution to have the resources and eagerness to organize such an event: administratively, financially and logistically. The AMLD organizing team will help you organize the event and share resources developed for the main conference (ticketing system, website, design, knowledge, etc).

Please spread this info among your interested colleagues!

If in doubt, reach out! If you have an idea for a talk, but are unsure, please talk to us! Reach out to


Submission Deadline

Friday May 10, 2019 23:59 UTC


Friday May 17, 2019

Location proposal

To apply and submit your location application, please fill out the form below.