Laurent Ciavaglia
Senior Research Manager, Nokia

Laurent Ciavaglia works at Nokia in Paris, France inventing new technologies for networks, turning concepts into real-life innovations. Recently, he is having fun (and some headaches) trying to combine network management and artificial intelligence.

Laurent serves as co-chair of the IRTF Network Management Research Group (NRMG), and participates in standardization activities related to network and service automation in IETF and ETSI.

Laurent serves as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE SDN initiative Softwarization newsletter, vice-chair of the IEEE CNOM, and Standards Liaison Officer of the IEEE Emerging Technologies Initiative on Network Intelligence, and regularly in the technical committees of IEEE, ACM and IFIP conferences and journals in the field of network management and network Softwarization.

Laurent has co-authored more than 80 publications and holds 35 patents in the field of communication systems.