Martin Gerber
Crunching Master & Big Data Analytics Consultant, Acceleris

Martin is an experienced facilitator and leads “Data Crunching” workshops with customers (design thinking & human centered), in his role as ""Crunching Master”. He is part of the Data Mavericks Team @Acceleris, an IT Service provider located in Bern. The Data Mavericks is the data analytics team focusing on uncovering value in customers data.

Beforehand, Martin was part of a holacracy pilot @Swisscom, driven by his experiences as a manager of an IT Instructure Operations department and his believe in the self-management approach.

He was accountable for IT Services for Swisscom and customers such as banks, industry and public services and has a comprehensive understanding of IT, IT processes and business challenges. 

Martin holds a Degree as Executive Master of Business Administration FH with focus on Strategic Management.