Tetiana Kodliuk
Chief Science Officer, Dathena Science

Tetiana holds a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, has over 10 years of the experience in Analytics and 5 of them she spent by working on Data Science projects in Fintech, Healthcare and Education. She is very well versed in Big Data technologies, which inspired her to create an online course “Data Science with Apache Spark” for Aegis School of Business, Cyber Security and Telecom in Mumbai. As an NLP enthusiast, Tania takes part in DS conferences in Ukraine, India and USA as a speaker or participant. Tania forms the backbone of Dathena R&D capabilities not only leading the entire Research strategy but also

  • Managing Intellectual Property program
  • Liaising with development teams
  • Maintaining Scientific Intelligence on industry and research developments

She provides leadership in developing and implementing the research vision for Dathena’s product including mentoring and guidance to data scientist team.

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