AI & Cities
13:30-17:00 January 28

½ day

@ 4BC



13:30-13:40 January 28

Panel Discussion

13:40-15:00 January 28 · with Alex “Sandy” Pentland, Valentine Goddard, Stephen Goldsmith

Coffee Break

15:00-15:30 January 28

Mining large-scale human mobility data for crime modelling

15:30-15:40 January 28 · with Cristina Kadar

Perceiving the City with Crowds and AI

15:40-15:55 January 28 · with Daniel Gatica-Perez

Talk Title TBD

15:55-16:05 January 28 · with Alex “Sandy” Pentland

Learning to Navigate in Cities Without a Map

16:05-16:20 January 28 · with Piotr Mirowski

Geospatial Data Science, Telco Data, and the Mobility of the Future

16:20-16:35 January 28 · with Christopher Nowzohour

Geospatial deep learning for solving real-world problems

16:35-16:45 January 28 · with Niklas Goby

Mobility Insights at Swisscom: Large-scale Machine Learning for Describing Collective Mobility in Switzerland

16:45-15:55 January 28 · with Mohamed Kafsi


Alex “Sandy” Pentland

Professor, MIT Media Lab

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Christopher Nowzohour

Data scientist, Teralytics

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Cristina Kadar

PhD Student, ETH Zurich

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Daniel Gatica-Perez

Professor, Idiap-EPFL

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Mohamed Kafsi

Data Science Lead, Swisscom

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Niklas Goby

Co-founder, Geospin

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Piotr Mirowski

Research Scientist, Google DeepMind

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Stephen Goldsmith

Professor of Government, Harvard Kennedy School

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Valentine Goddard

Founder and CEO, Artificial Intelligence Impact Alliance - Founder and Executive Director, AI on a Social Mission

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Can AI help us make cities and metropolitan regions more sustainable, livable and equitable? The “Smart Cities” movement hails AI as a universal tool to solve pressing issues of urban planning, governance and quality of life. But how much of that is actually true? How will AI actually change the face of our cities? Looking beyond buzzwords, our panel of experts addresses these pressing questions and present solutions currently under development in universities, the industry and the civil society.


Konstantin Klemmer

PhD Student, University of Warwick & The Alan Turing Institute

Twitter  ·  Website

Shin Alexandre Koseki

Researcher, EPFL

Twitter  ·  Website

Nick Jones

Urban and Disaster Risk Management Specialist, World Bank / GFDRR