AI & Networks
13:30-17:00 January 28

½ day

@ 1BC



13:30-13:45 January 28 · with Lorenzo Granai

Evolution of Network Operations

13:45-14:30 January 28 · with Sam Aldrin

Enabling Advanced Automation with Network-friendly Machine Learning

14:30-14:45 January 28 · with Laurent Ciavaglia Slides

AI for Network: use case perspective

14:45-15:00 January 28 · with Imen Grida Ben Yahia Slides

Coffee Break

15:00-15:30 January 28

ns3-gym - The Playground for Reinforcement Learning in Networking Research

15:30-15:45 January 28 · with Piotr Gawlowicz Slides

Learning on Graphs

15:45-16:00 January 28 · with Michaël Defferrard Slides

Panel Discussion

16:00-16:45 January 28

Summary and Closing

16:45-17:00 January 28 · with Nicola Rohrseitz


Imen Grida Ben Yahia

Research project leader on Autonomic & Cognitive Management, Orange

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Laurent Ciavaglia

Senior Research Manager, Nokia

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Lorenzo Granai

Software Engineering Manager, Cisco

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Michaël Defferrard

PhD Student, EPFL

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Nicola Rohrseitz

Strategic AI Program Lead, Cisco

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Piotr Gawlowicz

Researcher, Technische Universität Berlin

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Sam Aldrin

Staff Software Engineer, Google

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Computer Networks are the enabler of the Information Age: they empower a large portion of the technological advancements of the past decade and they have become very sophisticated and critical systems. Networks are intrinsically distributed, heterogeneous and dynamic, thus making their design, management and troubleshooting very challenging. AI/ML offer a series of powerful tools and methods to tackle these challenges, ranging from network assurance, security, intelligent control to self-healing and from anomaly detection, root cause detection, prediction to forecasting. However, a large portion of this field remains to be explored. In this track we explore some of the latest advancements and host an open panel to discuss the most promising future directions.


Nicola Rohrseitz

Strategic AI Program Lead, Cisco

Twitter  ·  Website

Lorenzo Granai

Software Engineering Manager, Cisco


Gregory Mermoud

Senior Team Lead, Cisco


January 26-29, 2019

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