AI & Nutrition
09:00-12:30 January 29

½ day



Barbara Korousic Seljak

Professor, Jožef Stefan Institute - Slovenia

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Cheng Chen

Senior Data Scientist, Nestlé Research Center

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Gaétan Hervé

Head of Analytics and Data Science, LeShop

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Luca Aiello

Senior Research Scientist, Bell Labs

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Maya Shevlyakova

Biostatistician, Nestlé

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This track intends to present some of the latest innovative applications of AI/ML to nutrition science and the food industry. Given the complexity and pervasiveness of food and nutrition, the potential applications are countless: food recognition from images, food recommendation systems, optimization of supply chain, personalized nutrition, etc.

Our speakers, from well-recognized actors in the academia and industry, will give an overview of their current work and the future challenges in the field.


Fabio Mainardi

Data Scientist, Nestlé Research Center

Teo Stocco

Chief Technology & Data Innovation Officer, Smood

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