AI & Society
09:00-12:30 January 29

½ day

@ 1A


POTs: The Revolution will not be Optimized

09:30-09:55 January 29 · with Rebekah Overdorf Slides

"Society in the loop" shaping responsive cities, creating a commons information patrimony

09:55-10:20 January 29 · with Matteo Mazzeri


10:20-10:30 January 29

Coffee Break

10:30-11:00 January 29

Human and Non-Human Agency

11:00-11:45 January 29 · with Thomas Müller

ML and some of its effects on the social

11:45-12:30 January 29 · with Sophie Mützel


Matteo Mazzeri

Entrepreneur and web-developer

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Rebekah Overdorf

PostDoc, EPFL

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Sophie Mützel

Professor, Universtät Luzern

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Thomas Müller

Professor, Universität Konstanz

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What are the effects of digitization and machine learning on society? It appears that no individual, group, institution, or process will remain unaffected but when, how, and to what degree they are transformed is subject to intense debate. This track combines two contributed presentations, highlighting the impact of optimization and the role of information commons, with two keynotes offering philosophical and sociological perspectives.


Ulrik Brandes

Professor, ETH


Sabine Süsstrunk

Professor, EPFL


AI & Nutrition

AI & Trust