AI & Industry
13:30-17:00 January 28
& 09:00-12:30 January 29

½ day x2



Alexandre Lebrun

Co-founder and CEO, Nabla

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Andreea Hossmann

Principal Product Manager for Data, Analytics & AI, Swisscom

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Eric Saracchi

CIO, Firmenich

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Florian Krausbeck

Chief AI Officer, ambrite

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Gianluca Antonini

Head of Strategy & Machine Intelligence, Swiss Re

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James Common

Founder, Common Ground

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Jérôme Berthier

Head of AI, Big Data & Innovation Lab, ELCA

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Jérôme Clavel

Junior Project Manager, Georg Fischer

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Kilian Wasmer

Head Deputy, Advanced Materials Processing Laboratory (Empa)

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Marc Lecoultre


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Martin Gerber

Crunching Master & Big Data Analytics Consultant, Acceleris

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Max Carrel

Technology Consultant, BearingPoint

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Roberto Perez

Head of Innovation, Georg Fischer Machining Solutions

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Rory Cawley

MSc, Institute of Technology Tallaght

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Tetiana Kodliuk

Chief Science Officer, Dathena Science

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Timur Bagautdinov

CTO, Neural Concept

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Martin Jaggi

Professor, EPFL


Bob West

Professor, EPFL

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January 26-29, 2019

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