AI & Industry
13:30-17:00 January 28
& 09:00-12:30 January 29

½ day x2

@ Auditorium A



A Pragmatic View on Language Technologies

13:30-13:40 January 28 · with Kornelia Papp

Replacing supervision with data in Computer vision

13:40-13:50 January 28 · with Armand Joulin

AI for business processes optimization

13:50-14:00 January 28 · with Marc Lecoultre

Industry diversity meets Dathena

14:00-14:10 January 28 · with Tetiana Kodliuk

AI : The positive disruption

14:10-14:20 January 28 · with Eric Saracchi

AIOps with Machine Learning and Knowledge Graph Data Models

14:20-14:30 January 28 · with Florian Krausbeck

One-on-one: Startup story

14:30-15:00 January 28 · with Marcel Salathé, Alexandre Lebrun

Coffee Break

15:00-15:30 January 28

Startup spotlight: ecoRobotix

15:30-15:40 January 28 · with Steve Tanner

Startup spotlight: AI & NLP applied to content marketing

15:40-15:50 January 28 · with Edouard Lambelet

Startup spotlight: Data-driven invention

15:50-16:00 January 28 · with Matthew Lawrenson

RAPIDS- Accelerating traditional machine learning with GPUs

16:00-16:10 January 28 · with René Müller

#shifthappens - Why companies must re-imagine how they attract top academic talent in AI

16:10-16:20 January 28 · with James Common

Lessons learned on bridging the gap between the AI revolution and the industry

16:20-16:30 January 28 · with Jérôme Berthier

Transforming engineering with Deep Learning

16:30-16:40 January 28 · with Timur Bagautdinov

AI Trends & Disruptions: Hybrid AI

16:40-16:50 January 28 · with Thierry Caminel

ML with the EPFL Extension School

16:50-17:00 January 28 · with Laura Downhower


Ingredients for Impactful AI Projects in Industry

09:00-09:10 January 29 · with Andreea Hossmann

Startup spotlight: Interactive training of AI models for earth imagery with Picterra

09:10-09:15 January 29 · with Julien Rebetez Slides

Startup spotlight: Privately

09:15-09:20 January 29 · with François Helg Slides

Different Industries = Different AI Needs? Our Experience

09:20-09:30 January 29 · with Dorothea Wiesmann

Scaling AI-based products across an enterprise

09:30-09:40 January 29 · with Yves Lostanlen

Machine learning for industrial process optimization

09:40-09:50 January 29 · with Hông-Ân Sandlin

Startup spotlight: Gamaya

09:50-10:00 January 29 · with Luca Baldassarre

Prediction in production

10:00-10:10 January 29 · with Martin Gerber Slides

Machine Learning for defect detection in industrial advanced manufacturing applications

10:10-10:20 January 29 · with Jérôme Clavel

ML for in situ and real-time monitoring of highly dynamic processes

10:20-10:30 January 29 · with Kilian Wasmer

Coffee Break

10:30-11:00 January 29

Panel discussion

11:00-11:50 January 29 · with Dorothea Wiesmann, Nicola Rieke, Andy Fitze, Hông-Ân Sandlin, Yves Lostanlen, François Rüf

Balancing Edge and Cloud - Real world experience from an industry use case

11:50-12:00 January 29 · with Max Carrel

AIcrowd: Crowdsourcing Artificial Intelligence to solve real world problems

12:00-12:10 January 29 · with Sharada Mohanty

GaitHub: A cross-platform ML-based human motion sensing engine

12:10-12:20 January 29 · with Farzin Dadashi

TensorFlow Hub: Standing on the Shoulders of Giant Machine Learning Models

12:20-12:30 January 29 · with Elizabeth Kemp


Alexandre Lebrun

Co-founder and CEO, Nabla

More info

Andreea Hossmann

Principal Product Manager for Data, Analytics & AI, Swisscom

More info

Andy Fitze

Co-Founder, SwissCognitive

More info

Armand Joulin

Research scientist, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research

More info

Dorothea Wiesmann

Department Head, Cognitive Computing & Industry Solutions, IBM Research

More info

Edouard Lambelet

Co-founder & Chairman, Finity

More info

Elizabeth Kemp

Software Engineer, Google

More info

Eric Saracchi

CIO, Firmenich

More info

Farzin Dadashi


More info

Florian Krausbeck

Chief AI Officer, ambrite

More info

François Helg

CTO, Privately

More info

François Rüf

Head of Data, AI & Machine Learning, Vontobel

More info

Hông-Ân Sandlin

Data Scientist, Bühler

More info

James Common

Founder, Common Ground

More info

Jérôme Berthier

Head of AI, Big Data & Innovation Lab, ELCA

More info

Jérôme Clavel

Junior Project Manager, Georg Fischer

More info

Julien Rebetez

Lead Software & Machine Learning Engineer, Picterra

More info

Kilian Wasmer

Head Deputy, Advanced Materials Processing Laboratory (Empa)

More info

Kornelia Papp

Cognitive Data Scientist, Swiss Re

More info

Laura Downhower

Executive Director, EPFL Extension School

More info

Luca Baldassarre

Head of Data Science, Gamaya

More info

Marcel Salathé

Professor, EPFL

More info

Marc Lecoultre


More info

Martin Gerber

Crunching Master & Big Data Analytics Consultant, Acceleris

More info

Matthew Lawrenson

COO, Iprova

More info

Max Carrel

Technology Consultant, BearingPoint

More info

Nicola Rieke

Senior Deep Learning Solution Architect – Healthcare, NVIDIA

More info

René Müller

Senior AI Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA

More info

Sharada Mohanty

CEO & Co-Founder, AIcrowd

More info

Steve Tanner

CTO, ecoRobotix

More info

Tetiana Kodliuk

Chief Science Officer, Dathena Science

More info

Thierry Caminel

AI Technology and Innovation Leader, Atos

More info

Timur Bagautdinov

CTO, Neural Concept

More info

Yves Lostanlen

Industry Solutions, Element AI

More info



Martin Jaggi

Professor, EPFL


Bob West

Professor, EPFL

Twitter  ·  Website

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