AI & Language
13:30-17:00 January 28

½ day

@ 5ABC


Learning representations with self-attention

13:30-13:45 January 28 · with Jakob Uszkoreit

How well can text representations address lexical composition?

13:45-14:00 January 28 · with Vered Shwartz

Out-of-distribution detection for neural NLP models

14:00-14:10 January 28 · with Hrant Khachatrian

Chargrid: towards understanding 2D documents

14:10-14:20 January 28 · with Christian Reisswig

Panel: representations, interpretability & visualisation

14:20-14:40 January 28 · with Jakob Uszkoreit, Vered Shwartz, Hrant Khachatrian, Christian Reisswig

Explore: research suggestions at your fingertips

14:40-14:50 January 28 · with Richard Zens

Practical transfer learning for NLP with spaCy and Prodigy

14:50-15:00 January 28 · with Ines Montani

Coffee break

15:00-15:20 January 28

Large contexts in neural machine translation

15:20-15:30 January 28 · with Andrei Popescu-Belis

Interactive and adaptive translation for professionals

15:30-15:40 January 28 · with Joern Wuebker

Near real-time multilingual customer service

15:40-15:50 January 28 · with João Graça

Panel: machine translation

15:50-16:00 January 28 · with Andrei Popescu-Belis, João Graça, Joern Wuebker

Coffee break

16:00-16:10 January 28

Towards breaking the closed-world assumption in deep neural networks

16:10-16:20 January 28 · with Michele Sama

Enabling speech-to-meaning with acoustic language processing

16:20-16:30 January 28 · with Nicolas Perony

Building a live recommendation agent for communication in healthcare

16:30-16:40 January 28 · with Lars Maaløe

Panel: products & startups

16:40-17:00 January 28 · with Nicolas Perony, Lars Maaløe, João Graça, Michele Sama, Joern Wuebker, Ines Montani


Andrei Popescu-Belis

Professor, HEIG-VD / HES-SO

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Christian Reisswig

Senior Data Scientist, SAP SE

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Hrant Khachatrian

Data Scientist, IntelinAir - Researcher, YerevaNN

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Ines Montani

Founder, Explosion AI

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Jakob Uszkoreit

Lead, Google Brain Berlin

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João Graça

CTO, Unbabel

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Joern Wuebker

Director of Research, Lilt

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Lars Maaløe

CTO, Corti

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Michele Sama

CTO, Kare

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Nicolas Perony


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Richard Zens

Staff Research Scientist, Google

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Vered Shwartz

PhD Student, Bar-Ilan University

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The AI & Language track includes researchers and engineers at top tech companies, research groups and startups using machine learning for language tasks and features four major themes.

Representations, Interpretability & Visualisation

Representations and interpretability are especially challenging for language tasks because language is sparse and, unlike with vision, there are no inherently visualisable intermediate representations. Representations, interpretability, evaluation and confidence are intriguing open research questions.

Engineering & Tools

The tools and datasets for building and deploying natural language processing systems are evolving, while online learning pipelines introduce new demands. We will hear from engineering teams behind highly scaled systems on their stacks and processes.

Machine Translation

This seminal task, which combines the challenges of natural language understanding, natural language generation and multi-lingual methods, has inspired new approaches like sequence-to-sequence models and attention mechanisms.

Products & Startups

The progress in research and engineering has born a wave of startups competing with the established players. Founders of top startups in the space will share how they are building growing platforms and businesses around speech, translation and conversation.


Adam Bittlingmayer

Technical Co-founder, ModelFront

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