AI & Learning Analytics
13:30-17:00 January 28

½ day


Modeling and Prediction of User Performance and Behavior in Computer-Based Learning Environments

13:30-14:15 January 28 · with Tanja Käser

Dynamically predicting progress rate and completion time of students during activities in classrooms

14:15-14:30 January 28 · with Louis Faucon

Automated human-level diagnosis of dysgraphia using a consumer tablet

14:30-14:45 January 28 · with Wafa Johal

Socially-Aware Learning Spaces

14:45-15:00 January 28 · with Himanshu Verma

Coffee Break

15:00-15:30 January 28

Trustworthy Machine Learning for Formative Feedback

15:30-16:15 January 28 · with David Adamson

Iterative classroom teaching

16:15-16:30 January 28 · with Teresa Yeo, Louis Faucon

Towards Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice: On the Use of Socially Aware Conversational Agents in Vocational Education

16:30-16:45 January 28 · with Catharine Oertel

Combining Multiple Data Streams to Inform Collaborative Student Learning Processes

16:45-17:00 January 28 · with Jennifer Olsen


Catharine Oertel

PostDoc, EPFL

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David Adamson

Principal Machine Learning Scientist, Turnitin

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Himanshu Verma

Senior Researcher, University of Fribourg

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Jennifer Olsen

PostDoc, EPFL

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Louis Faucon


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Tanja Käser

PostDoc, Stanford University

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Teresa Yeo


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Wafa Johal

PostDoc, EPFL

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The track on AI & Learning Analytics brings together researchers, developers, and practitioners interested in analyzing and reporting on data to support and improve learning. Learning Analytics sits at the intersection of the learning sciences and computational data capture and analysis. Within this track, we will place emphasis on work that applies machine learning and other analytical techniques to solve applied issues within education. We are interested in work that makes methodological and empirical contributions to learning analytics including computational techniques and tools as well as learning analytics being used in practice and their impact on learning.


Pierre Dillenbourg

Professor, EPFL

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Jennifer Olsen

PostDoc, EPFL


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January 26-29, 2019

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