Crashcourse in R for machine learning
09:00-16:30 January 27

Full day
Beginner level


Usage of R is inevitable if one wants to step in or is already in the world of data science. It possess excellent graphical power as well as developed algorithm for machine learning applications. Moreover, now it is possible to leverage the advantages of R and Python to provide companies and other institutions with powerful actionable insights.


This crash course will provide participants with basic logic how R can be used for machine learning and how this programming language can be exploited no matter what industry they are in. The course will cover: why we need programming language like R? What are the potentials and limitations for machine learning? Coding example would be clustering procedures.


Some basic knowledge of R or any other programming language would be an advantage but not a requirement. 


Radmila Velichkovich

Student, University of Neuchatel