Engineering for good - detecting pneumonia in X-Ray images
13:30-16:30 January 26

½ day
Intermediate level


This workshop presents application of modern image classification and segmentation techniques to X-Ray diagnostics - in this case detecting pneumonia disease. Pneumonia accounts for over 15% of all deaths among children under 5 years old worldwide. It mostly affects the areas where access to specialised health case is scarce.

At this workshop participants will learn to approach and solve the problem using convolution neural networks, transfer learning as well as machine learning tools like Keras and TensorFlow. Apart from that, the participants will practise how to execute computational intensive workloads on GPUs in a cost-effective way on Cloud.

A dataset of over 5000 X-Ray images, labeled by expert will be made available.


  • Laptop with ready Python environment
  • Download code and datasets prior to the workshop on GitHub


Michal Rachtan

Founder & CTO, Unit8