TensorFlow Basics - Saturday
09:00-16:30 January 26

Full day
Intermediate level


This workshop gives a quick overview over Tensorflow, from basic concepts and low-level operations all the way through using predefined estimators and running the model in the cloud. The main part of the workshop will be spent on reading through carefully prepared example code and asking questions. This allows to cover a lot of material, but post-workshop efforts are certainly needed in order to master the content.

ML knowledge is not strictly required for understanding the Tensorflow code, but we won't have time to explain ML theory during the workshop.


  • Data preparation for Tensorflow and create a sharded dataset.
  • Understand Tensorflow basics (eager execution vs. graph and sessions, shapes).
  • Connect data to estimator, use LinearClassifier, DNNClassifier.
  • Train and deploy model in the cloud.


  • good Python programming skills


Andreas Steiner

Software Engineer, Google