Applied Machine Learning Days
January 27-30, 2018

Four days of talks, tutorials & workshops on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with top speakers from around the world.
@ EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.


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Christopher Bishop

Laboratory Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge
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Soumith Chintala

AI Research Engineer, Facebook - PyTorch Core Team
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Raia Hadsell

Senior Research Scientist, DeepMind
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Claudiu Musat

Research Director, AI & ML Group, Swisscom
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Pascal Fua

Professor, EPFL
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Joanna Bryson

Professor, Universities of Bath & Princeton
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Martin Vetterli

President, EPFL
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Łukasz Kidziński

Researcher, Stanford University - Co-founder, DeepArt
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RT @epfl_exts: Early bird prices end in 4 hours! Hands-on data workshops at all levels, on EPFL campus, May 26 & 27:

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